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AEM 车规级表面贴装熔断器符合 AEC-Q200 Rev E 新法规


AEM Automotive Grade Surface Mount Fuses Meet New Regulation of AEC-Q200 Rev E

By Klaus Jing & Dr. Liwu Wang

San Diego, California, Oct 08, 2023 – We are pleased to announce that all AEM automotive grade surface mount fuses meet new regulations of AEC-Q200 Rev E. The new AEC-Q200 Rev E defines clear requirements for fuses performances before and after the stress tests which set a higher standard for safety and reliability. The AEC-Q200 Rev E provides a wide range of performance reliability and high I²t values to ensure high inrush current withstand capability, offering an array of component options and design flexibility in providing circuit protection against abnormal overloading and surging conditions.

AEM is well-known in the industry and market for providing one of the most extensive and comprehensive surface mount fuses for circuit protection. AEC-Q200 Rev E qualified AEM fuses are manufactured at the ISO14001 & IATF16949 certified facility. AEM surface mount fuses are setting a new standard for reliable performance for automotive electronics and electric vehicle applications. AEM automotive grade product portfolio includes AirMatrix® (Wire-In-Air Surface Mount Fuse), SolidMatrix® (Co-fired Solid Body Surface Mount Fuse), QMF High Power Fuse and Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses.

AEM’s patented breakthrough technologies and lean manufacturing facilities ensure superior quality and reliability at the best value.

AirMatrix® Platform (Wire-In-Air Surface Mount Fuse)
AEM QA2410/QA1206 Series

  • Sealed wire-in-air structure
  • Unique construction enhances reliability
  • Highly reliable end-cap construction
  • High withstanding capability for the in-rush current
  • Voltage ratings from 32Vdc to 250Vdc
  • Highest current rating in the industry, up to 20A
  • Operating temperature: -55℃-125℃
  • Narrow DCR distribution and consistent electrical performance
  • Suitable for automotive grade per AEC-Q200 Rev E qualification

SolidMatrix® Platform (Co-fired Solid Body Surface Mount Fuse)
AEM QF1206/QF0603 Series

  • Superior thermal and mechanical performance
  • Stable at high temperature and high stress
  • Operating temperature ranges -55 to 150°C
  • High-reliability anti-sulfur construction
  • Very fast acting and high current capable
  • Mechanical strength and excellent thermal properties
  • Monolithic glass ceramic body with silver fusing element
  • Silver termination with nickel and pure-tin plating
  • Voltage rating from 24Vdc to 65Vdc
  • Suitable for automotive grade per AEC-Q200 Rev E qualification


QMF Platform (High Power Fuse)

  • Thermal simulation on critical fuse element design with optimized & safe fuse performances
  • Application voltage rating from 75Vdc to 125Vdc
  • Proprietary special arc extinguishing filler material
  • High interrupting current ratings
  • Single piece of metal functioning as fuse link and surface mount terminals (100% interconnection reliability)
  • Reliable and predictable performance for long life
  • Single standardized 2822 footprint / miniaturized package for current rating from 20A to 125A
  • Low DC resistance (DCR) – Minimizes excessive power loss
  • High interrupting ratings – excellent inrush current withstanding capability
  • Further high-power surface mount fuses up to 200A are available
  • Suitable for automotive grades per AEC-Q200 Rev E qualification

The AEC-Q200 Rev E qualified fuses are ideal for use in a wide range of automotive electronics design and applications, including but not limited:

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Battery Pack
  • DC/DC converters
  • Ignition Systems
  • Infotainment and Navigation
  • Smart Door Security
  • ADAS, Radar, and EV Chargers

For More Information

Additional information on the AEC-Q200 Rev E qualified products is available per request. For the business and technical questions, please contact:

Klaus Jing, Product Manager (Email: [email protected])

Dr. Liwu Wang, Vice President of BD & Marketing (Email: [email protected])


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